Taking the challenges to autonomous seafloor mapping

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About Us
GEBCO-NF Alumni Team is led by alumni of the Nippon Foundation / GEBCO Ocean Bathymetry training program at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping of University of New Hampshire and is being advised by selected GEBCO and industry partners.  The team is characterized by its diversity, from its global distribution, to diverse backgrounds ranging from ocean mapping, hydrography, geology, engineering, boat design, software development, physics and computer science that includes representatives of academic institutions, industry and national hydrographic offices.
gebco-nf team; gebco-nf team for xprize
The aim of the GEBCO-NF Alumni Team is to leverage existing technology, wherever possible, and to integrate it to achieve the competition requirements. Our strategic approach is to develop strong partnerships with technology and services providers to augment the hardware, integration and software needs of the team.
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