GEBCO-NF Alumni Team’s Concept for the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

A two-system AUV-USV concept was conceived to autonomously map the seafloor for longer time periods and over trans-ocean ranges in a wide variety of ocean environments. The AUV-USV concept will lead to more efficient, safer and cost-effective seafloor mapping operations.

Unmanned Surface Vehicle  ( SEA-KIT)
SEA-KIT is designed to house the AUV and auxiliary systems for positioning and communication.
It will facilitate automated launch and recovery with AUV tethering and towing capabilities.

SEA-KIT will be mounted with Kongsberg HiPAP System which is to be used for the positioning of the AUV as well as command and data link to  the AUV and to shore facility.

It is a rugged, impact-safe and self-righting USV that can carry a deployable and retrievable payload of up to 2.5 tons. Its passive motion damping, stable single-compartment flooding system and self-deploying and stowing sea anchor will ease and ensure safety operation.

It is designed to exceed the competition goals being an unmanned multipurpose AUV launch and recovery facility with long-range trans-ocean  capabilities and flexibility to mount different positioning systems
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Hugin)
The Team has established collaboration with the leading industry in sonar and AUV systems - Kongsberg Maritime, and plans to utilize the Kongsberg HUGIN AUV.

The Kongsberg HUGIN will be mounted with the proprietary Kongsberg HISAS 1030, a new high-technology interferrometric synthetic apperture sonar, that will be used to collect bathymetric and imagery data.
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GEBCO-NF Alumni Concept Paper

GEBCO-NF Alumni Team and Concept Video

AUV retrieval
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